Sherpa of the Creative Industries


March. 16 FIDE Ventura Barba will take part on the conference, hosted by FIDE "International licences at the Authors Societies", on the next 20 of March. More information here

 MIDEM David Loscos will participate in the 2013 edition of MIDEM, the largest fair in the music industry, which takes place in Cannes on the nearest 28th & 29th January, as part of conferences "PROFESSIONNELLE FORMATION IN MARKETING". More information here


Tenzing Media is a business development consultancy firm specialized in the field of Creative Industries* our aim is to contribute to the adaptation, development and growth of enterprises, projects and professionals in the field of intellectual property.

*music, advertising, publishing, video games, design, audiovisual production, media, the internet and new technologies, and in general all those industries that exploit intellectual property in any forms.

The main benefits we provide:

  1. Extensive knowledge of the creative industries sector. Our background and experience in the world of music, the audiovisual industry, the media, the Internet and intellectual property in general gives us a global and interdependent vision of the various areas that make up creative industry projects.
  2. Experience in management. More than 15 years managing their own projects and businesses as well as leading multinational companies in the field of music, the audiovisual industry, the media and new technologies.
  3. Independence. Our commitment and that of our clients guarantees the quality of the service provided and we have no fixed allegiance to any specific client or organisation with whom we collaborate .
  4. We create value through our network of contacts. We speed up the business development process by connecting business professionals, and businesses that can contribute and grow mutually.